19:00 Registration open for Artgammon Cup (win a board) & all other events at Cavalieri Art Hotel
19:00 Start of Jackpots & Quarter-entries as qualifiers for Malta Open.
19:50  Registration closes for the Consultation Doubles
20:00  Start of the Consultation Doubles (min. of two rounds played)

11:00  Playing room opens. Consultation Doubles & Artgammon Cup continues.
11:00  Resume of Jackpots & Quarter Entries 
13:50  Registration closes for the EBIF Tour Finals
14:00  EBIF Tour Finals 1. Round
16:30  EBIF Tour Finals 2. Round
19:00  EBIF Tour Finals 3. Round
21:30  EBIF Tour Finals 4. Round

10:00  EBIF Tour Finals 5. Round
12:50  Registration closes for Malta Open
13:00  EBIF Tour Finals 6. Round
13.00  Start of Malta Open 1st Round
15:30  EBIF Tour Finals 7. Round
16.00  Malta Open 2nd Round Main & Malta Consolation Begins
18:00  EBIF Tour Finals 8. Round
19.00  Malta Open 3rd Round Main & Malta Consolation Continues
20:30  EBIF Tour Finals 9. Round
20:50  Registration closes for the Super Jackpot
21:00  Start of the Super Jackpot

11:00  EBIF Tour Finals 10. Round
11:00  Malta Open 4rd Round Main & Malta Consolation Continues
11:50  Registration closes for SpeedGammon
12:00  Start of the SpeedGammon
14:00  EBIF Tour Finals 11. Round
14:00  Malta Open Final Rounds of Main & Consolation Continues
16:30  EBIF Tour Finals 12. Round
19:00ish Prize giving ceremony 

EBIF Tour Finals in AQUA

Malta Open in GREEN

Side Events in GOLD

General Information in YELLOW