Welcome to the 3rd Malta Open and WBIF Tour Finals

In late October 2024, WBIF Tour Finals and Malta Open will be held in Salini Resort in St. Pauls Bay, Malta, offering stunning view of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

2 Tournaments in One Weekend!

Will you conquer Malta in November 2024?

Welcome to a long weekend packed with backgammon and beautiful sea view at the Salini Resort in St Pauls Bay.

2 main tournaments, WBIF and Malta Open, will be held simultaneously, along with a variety of side events and a super jackpot. Experience all the amenities of a 4 star resort, and thanks to Malta’s location and flight connections, it’s the perfect pit stop on the way to Cyprus.

Pack your lucky dice, sun lotion and join the fun!

Backgammon with a View

What is WBIF Final?

With the WBIF Tournament you can play backgammon online and qualify for the WBIF Tour Final in the sunny island of Malta.

The World Backgammon Internet Federation’s (WBIF) is arranging 3 Online tournaments at wbif.net.
The 40 players who have won the most matches over all 3 online tournaments will qualify for the final event.

What is the Malta Open?

Players eliminated from the WBIF Live Tour after Day 2 can compete in Malta Open, which is open for everyone, except for those who are still playing the WBIF Live Tour.

Played separately from the WBIF Live Tour but held on the same dates and venue – this way you’ll get even more chances to win.

Malta Open is a Double Elimination Tournament, where the last 8 standing will play a single cup tournament for the trophy!

What side events are offered?

Everyone is welcome to join the side events, no matter if you play WBIF, Malta Open, both or none.

This super gammon-packed extended weekend will also offer side events such as a Doubles Consultation, Speed ​​Gammon, SuperSpeed Gammon, Super Jackpot, Saturday Swing, which is our own take on the popular Mochy Millions on Saturday evening.

You will also find a lot Mini Jackpots, so there will be plenty of chances to play, enjoy and win!

Salini Resort

The Salini Resort is a four-star resort set in the tranquil and unique location of Salini, St Pauls Bay.

The establishment has been recently renovated to an excellent standard and offers 3 differently styled restaurants including a buffet, a cosy bar, 2 beautiful outdoor pools and the relaxing Myoka spa with a well-equipped gym.

The Surroundings

The Surroundings
Salini is located in the north part of Malta, 5-7 minutes by car to Bugibba, the closest town, or 15 minutes to St Julians with a buzzling nightlife with countless restaurants, bars and casinos.

The resort offers convenient hourly shuttle service to both destinations free of charge.

The View

Enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and the Maltese landscape right at one of the terraces of the tournament room, the inviting restaurants or why not one of their well-appointed hotel rooms with sea view?

The resort’s style is contemporary, with comfortable furnishings and attractive decor.

6 Reasons to visit Malta

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Sunny Weather

Even though October can bring some rainy weather, most days in Malta are super sunny - all year round. With a sea temperature of an average of 24 degrees Celcius in the fall, one can still enjoy Malta’s many beaches. On top of that, most hotels have inviting swimming pools.

Backgammon action

We offer you a weekend packed with backgammon accompanied with breathtaking panoramic views. 2 tournaments will be held simultaneously, WBIF and Malta Open. Apart from that you can also try your luck in one of the side events or the super jackpot.

Mediterranean Hospitality

The Maltese people are genuinely warm people that will welcome you with open arms. With a population of less than 500,000, it is a safe place with people from all over the world which creates a melting pot of nationalities visiting the island for the terrific atmosphere.

Everything is within reach

Malta is only 300 km2 in size, everything is close by. The Salini resort is located in the northern part of the island offering swimming and sightseeing just around the corner - and if you want to take a longer tour, the resort offers hourly shuttle free of charge, taxi rides are both quick and cheap, and buses are plentiful.

History & Culture

Malta has been inhabited from around 5900 BC, and everyone from the Romans, Greeks and Arabs, to the French and the British, has done their best to conquer the islands, giving the islands a rich and unique history worth exploring.

The Nightlife

Malta is a small island - packed with entertainment. To Wine and Dine is a way of life. Within walking distance from the tournament venue you will find three casinos open 24h and plenty of bars and restaurants including busy nightclubs.

Salini Resort

Liberate the senses, stimulate the mind. If it’s time to immerse yourself with both relaxation and backgammon, the Salini Resort awaits.

Team Members

Emma Axling

A social player who enjoys a good laugh (and sometimes sings) while playing and hopefully winning, but if not – working on how to not be a sore loser.

Tina Elken

A newbie on the international backgammon scene who is hungry to learn and beat her brother, Claus at his own game.

Inga Vigh-Pedersen

Don’t be fooled by her sweet and innocent appearance, this girl will hit your checkers hard to win and has many Danish and international titels under her belt.

Kedde Mathiesen

An institution in Danish and international backgammon – loving to teach and train old and new players the ins and outs of the game.

Claus Elken

The rock of Maltese backgammon who brought the Danish gammon culture to Malta, and often wins his own tournaments and international trophies.

Jeroen Romme

Living in Malta, Jeroen is making it his mission to ignite the Maltese backgammon scene with innovative tournaments thanks to his non-stop drive.

Bernhard Mayr

Bernhard is an Austrian enthusiastic WBIF International maestro who creates rocking online tournaments that make you crave encores.

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