16 players has signed up for the Malta League 2019 and has been split into 4 groups with 4 players in each group.

All participants needs to play 3 games each in the group stage.

Top 2 in each group will qualify for PlayOffs.


11 point matches in group play. In the Playoffs., quarter finals will be to 13 point, Semifinals  to 15 point and lastly 17 points in the final. Losers of semifinals will play for the 3rd place and match will be to 11 point.

Doubling cube is allowed and encouraged. Crawford rule applies.

Should players end with  same amount of points in the group after all games are played, then a tie match to 7 points needs to be played.  If 3 players ends with the same score, then all 3 players needs to play against each other for 7 points.  If any case it is still not settled, then you play each other again to 1 point until it is settled who qualifies.

Deadline for all groups stage matches is on the 31st of March 2019.

It is both players’ responsibility to arrange for their matches to be played within the specified time period.

The tournament director is to be informed immediately should any disagreements or litigation’s arise. The tournament director’s decision in such rulings will be deemed final.

Avoid scheduling your matches too far in advance.

If no agreement or meeting has been settled within the set time-period, both players can/will lose the match and no points will be gained in the league standings.


The loser of the game will report the loss to the tournament director no later than 24 hours after the game is finished.

– Either by email on or by phone/Whatsapp on +35699948026 or on Facebook Messenger.

Prizes for 1st , 2nd place. and 3rd place.

1st. Prize 175€ or entry to Malta Open in October

2nd Prize 100€

3rd Prize 45€

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